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Toyota Hilux 2024: The Pickup par Excellence

The Toyota Hilux has been synonymous with durability, reliability and performance since its launch in 1968. With more than half a century on the market, this iconic pickup has proven to be a tireless work companion and an unrivaled adventure vehicle. In 2024, Toyota presents us with a renewed and improved version of the Hilux, combining modern technology, robust design and impressive performance capabilities. This article will explore all aspects of the 2024 Toyota Hilux, from its exterior and interior design to its technical specifications and on-road performance.

Exterior design

The exterior design of the 2024 Toyota Hilux reflects its robust and adventurous spirit. With sharper lines and a more imposing presence, the new Hilux stands out in any environment, whether urban or rural.

Body and Structure

The Hilux 2024 features a more muscular and aerodynamic body. The front grille has been redesigned to offer a more aggressive appearance, with chrome details that add a touch of elegance. The latest generation LED headlights not only improve visibility, but also contribute to a modern and technological look.


The pickup maintains its robust size with dimensions that ensure its loading capacity and interior space. With a length of approximately 5.3 meters, a width of 1.9 meters and a height of 1.8 meters, the Hilux 2024 is large enough to handle any task, but remains manageable in urban traffic.

Tires and Suspension

18-inch alloy wheels come standard on most versions, offering a perfect balance between style and functionality. The suspension has been improved to provide a smoother and more stable ride, even on difficult terrain. With a ground clearance of 227 mm, the Hilux 2024 can easily tackle rough roads and unexpected obstacles.

Interior design

The interior of the 2024 Toyota Hilux has been designed to combine comfort, technology and functionality. Every detail has been carefully thought out to offer a superior driving experience.

Space and Comfort

The cabin of the Hilux 2024 is spacious and equipped with high quality materials. The front seats are electrically adjustable and available in leather on higher trims. Additionally, there is sufficient legroom and headroom in both the front and rear, ensuring comfort for all passengers.

Technology and Connectivity

Technology is a strong point of the Hilux 2024. It comes equipped with an infotainment system with an 8-inch touch screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, it offers Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and an integrated GPS navigation system on higher versions. The available JBL sound system provides a premium listening experience.


Safety is a priority for Toyota, and the 2024 Hilux is no exception. It incorporates the Toyota Safety Sense safety package, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking and traffic sign recognition. In addition, it has multiple airbags, stability and traction control, and a rear view camera to facilitate parking.

Technical specifications

The 2024 Toyota Hilux comes equipped with a variety of powerful and efficient engines that ensure optimal performance in any conditions.


The Hilux 2024 offers several engine options to adapt to different needs and markets. Among the most notable options are:

  • 2.8L Diesel Engine : With a power of 204 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque, this engine offers an excellent balance between power and efficiency. Ideal for heavy work and long distances.

  • 2.7L Gasoline Engine : With a power of 166 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque, this option is perfect for those who prefer a more conventional gasoline engine.

  • Hybrid Engine : Toyota has introduced a hybrid version of the 2024 Hilux, combining a gasoline engine with an electric engine to offer greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions.


The 2024 Hilux is available with 6-speed manual and 6- and 8-speed automatic transmissions. These transmissions have been optimized to offer smooth shifting and efficient acceleration.

Loading and Towing Capacity

One of the main features of the Hilux is its loading and towing capacity. The 2024 version is no exception, with a payload capacity of approximately 1 ton and towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons, depending on engine and transmission configuration.

Fuel consumption

Thanks to improvements in engine efficiency and the introduction of a hybrid version, the 2024 Hilux offers competitive fuel consumption. Exact figures vary depending on the engine and transmission, but in general, expect an average consumption of around 8-10 liters per 100 km for the diesel and gasoline engines, and a significant improvement for the hybrid version.

On-Road and Off-Road Performance

The 2024 Toyota Hilux has been designed to offer exceptional performance both on and off road. Its rugged construction and advanced traction technology ensure it can handle any terrain with ease.

Highway Driving

On the road, the Hilux 2024 offers a smooth and stable ride. The improved suspension absorbs road irregularities, providing a comfortable driving experience. The powerful engine and efficient transmission ensure quick acceleration and constant cruising speed.

Off-Road Driving

For those who enjoy off-road adventure, the 2024 Hilux is an excellent choice. Its four-wheel drive system can be easily activated, providing additional traction on difficult terrain. In addition, it has a series of off-road features such as hill descent control, hill start assist and a lockable rear differential to tackle the most challenging terrain.

Wading Capacity

With a wading capacity of up to 700mm, the Hilux 2024 can traverse shallow bodies of water without any problems. This feature is especially useful for those who live in flood-prone areas or who enjoy off-road adventures that include river crossings.

Comparison with Competitors

In the midsize pickup segment, the 2024 Toyota Hilux faces strong competition. Models like the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, and Nissan Frontier also offer attractive features. However, the Hilux continues to stand out for its durability, reliability and a strong after-sales service network.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is one of the main competitors of the Hilux. It offers a range of powerful engines and good off-road capability. However, the Hilux surpasses the Ranger in terms of long-term reliability and fuel efficiency, especially with the introduction of the hybrid version.

Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is also a popular choice in the midsize pickup segment. With an attractive design and a variety of engine options, the Colorado is a strong contender. However, the 2024 Hilux offers better loading and towing capacity, as well as greater efficiency in diesel and hybrid models.

Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is known for its robustness and off-road capability. Compared to the Hilux, the Frontier offers similar features in terms of off-road performance. However, the Hilux 2024 stands out for its advanced technology, safety and more efficient engine options.

Maintenance and Cost of Ownership

One of the most important aspects when considering purchasing a pickup truck is the long-term cost of ownership. The 2024 Toyota Hilux stands out in this regard thanks to its durability and low maintenance costs associated with the Toyota brand.

Durability and Reliability

The Hilux is famous for its durability. With proper maintenance, this pickup can last hundreds of thousands of miles without major problems. The build quality and materials used in the 2024 Hilux ensure that it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and the toughest conditions.

Service and Maintenance

Toyota offers an extensive network of service and maintenance centres, making it easy to keep your Hilux in top condition. Additionally, the costs for spare parts and regular maintenance are reasonable compared to other vehicles in the same segment. Toyota also offers prepaid maintenance programs and extended warranties to give owners added peace of mind.

Resale Value

The resale value of the Hilux is remarkably high. Toyota’s reputation for making reliable, long-lasting vehicles ensures that the Hilux maintains its value over time. This is an important consideration for those thinking about

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