Tesla Model3

The Tesla Model 3, flagship of the electric revolution in the automotive industry, combines innovation and elegance. Since its launch, it has redefined the concept of an electric vehicle, offering exceptional performance and cutting-edge features.

Energy efficiency:

With a range exceeding 300 miles on a single charge, the Model 3 defies expectations of electric mobility. Its energy efficiency and power, driven by Tesla engineering, place it as a benchmark in the world of electric cars.

Autopilot & Technology:

The Model 3 stands out for its advanced Autopilot system, taking assisted driving to new levels. Integrated sensors and cameras enable autonomous driving functions, offering safety and convenience. In addition, its 15-inch central touch screen centralizes the control of all functions, fusing technology and simplicity.

Innovative Design:

With streamlined lines and a minimalist exterior, the Model 3 epitomizes modern elegance. The spacious and minimalist interior, together with high-quality materials, creates a luxurious and futuristic atmosphere. Every detail is designed to optimize the experience for the driver and passengers.

Global Charging Network:

Tesla has developed an extensive network of fast charging stations, allowing Model 3 owners to travel with confidence. Supercharger charging infrastructure delivers incredibly fast charging times, facilitating the transition to electric mobility without compromising convenience.


The Tesla Model 3 is not only a car, but a symbol of the electric revolution. From its exceptional performance to its cutting-edge design, it embodies Tesla’s vision of a sustainable future without giving up luxury and the thrill of driving.

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